Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide transportation?

Yes! We provide transportation to and from our facilities.

Will I receive payment options for my treatment?

Our admissions department will work with you to first verify any commercial or state insurance you might already have, and they will also see if we are in your insurance network. If these resources are of no help, we will work to secure funding for you.

Can I have visitors while in treatment?

Of course! Your counselor will approve any and all visitors prior to their visits, which are held on Sundays between 1:30PM and 3:00PM. All visitors must attend a family program day prior to visiting, and each visitor must be placed on an approved list.

Is smoking permitted?

Smoking is permitted during free time and during breaks in approved smoking areas. You are not allowed to have loose leaf tobacco on the premises, however you can have unopened packs of cigarettes mailed to you. Once a week, you will have the chance to purchase cigarettes (and other items such as stamps and personal effects).

Can I receive mail?

Yes! Any mail that comes your way will be distributed at 4PM Monday-Friday.

Can I use the phone, and when will I be allowed to do so?

You can make phone calls during free time and under the approval of your counselor, who will assign you with a phone pass. You can also use one of our pay phones during free time, but please note all calls are limited to 10 minutes.

Where can I keep my personal belongings and money?

We encourage you to leave all valuables at home (including jewelry and large sums of money), because anything you bring with you to treatment will be your responsibility.

Is there medical and nursing staff on site?

At Cove Forge, we have a Medical Director, a psychiatrist, a physician, PA’s and a 24-hour nursing staff.

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