Vicodin Addiction Detox Treatment & Rehab in Williamsburg, PA

Detoxification is often the first step in Vicodin addiction recovery journey. Cove Forge Behavioral Health offers a comprehensive detox program for adults.

Vicodin Detox

The importance of Vicodin detox

When used as prescribed and under the supervision of a medical professional, Vicodin is very effective at reducing moderate to severe pain. Vicodin is a prescription opioid that changes the way the body feels and reacts to pain. While not intended for long-term use, it does allow for relief from pain when necessary.

Vicodin works by blocking pain receptors in the brain while also producing feelings of euphoria, elation, and relaxation. While the drug is very effective for its intended use, it can also be very addictive for some, and has become one of the most abused prescription painkillers on the market today.

When an individual starts to abuse Vicodin, he or she will shortly find him or herself suffering a host of distressing consequences at school, in the home, and at work. These individuals might appear to be drowsy, paranoid, or anxious, experience chronic nausea and vomiting, display severe mood swings, and might turn to fraudulent methods of obtaining more of this substance when professional care is not sought at a Vicodin treatment and rehab center that includes detox.

When a chemical dependence on Vicodin starts to occur, most women and men require professional help to stop the cycle of drug abuse. Thankfully, many treatment centers supply comprehensive programming to support those on the path to recovery. However, in order to obtain success in sobriety, one of the most imperative steps one must take is to clear his or her body of substances of abuse. Thankfully, with the help of professionals Cove Forge in Williamsburg, Pennsylvania, individuals can find receive the Vicodin addiction treatment and rehab that includes detox they will need in order to find health and wellness once more.

What Happens During Withdrawal

What happens during Vicodin withdrawal

One of the most difficult aspects of obtaining sustained sobriety is the first phase of withdrawal. When an individual who is dependent on Vicodin ceases his or her us, he or she will experience uncomfortable physiological symptoms that can include the following:

  • Chills
  • Cravings for more Vicodin
  • Insomnia
  • Restlessness
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Aches and pains in the muscles and bone
  • Diarrhea

The symptoms of withdrawal listed above can work against even the most committed individual’s attempts at recovery when attempted outside of the support of a Vicodin addiction treatment and rehab center that includes detox. Repeated failed attempts can cause additional barriers to long-term sobriety because they can increase one’s dependence on this substance and other substances of abuse.

Those who fear trying to attempt to stop their Vicodin abuse can be comforted in knowing that they do not need to face the pain of withdrawal by themselves. High quality treatment and rehab centers that supply supervised detox programming can help these individuals in this critical component or recovery by offering a safe place to clear their bodies of dangerous substances, and supplying them comfort and care at this challenging time.

Detoxification Treatment

Vicodin detoxification treatment at Cove Forge in Williamsburg, PA

A comprehensive detoxification (or detox) program, such as the one at Cove Forge, allows individuals who are grappling with Vicodin dependence and other substances to ease the pain of withdrawal, and quickly move into the next phase of treatment and rehab. At the time of being admitted to our treatment and rehab center for Vicodin addiction, an individual will be assessed and, if it is determined that he or she would benefit from detox, he or she will be supplied with the following supports:

  • We have gone to extreme lengths to ensure that our detox program is completely free of illicit substances, so the risk of relapse is essentially removed while in our care during rehab for Vicodin abuse.
  • Mental health professionals are able to supply emotional support while an individual is detoxing at our treatment center, and can work with patients to put together goals for the next phase of Vicodin addiction treatment.
  • Our nursing staff supervises the overall wellbeing of our patients at all times while they are in detox, ensuring safety in every step of the detox process.
  • We can offer medications that will minimize or remove the painful withdrawal symptoms, allowing patients in detox at our treatment center for Vicodin abuse to clear their bodies and minds of substances of abuse while remaining as comfortable as possible.

Long-Term Benefits of Detox

Long-term benefits of Vicodin detoxification

A supervised detox at a treatment and rehab center will promote healing and allow an individual to begin the next phase of treatment with a stronger body and clearer mind. By beginning treatment and rehab having already rid one’s body of Vicodin, a person is poised for further success, regardless of whether he or she is continuing with residential treatment or transferring to outpatient care when he or she first completes detox.

At the time of exiting the detox program at our treatment and rehab center for Vicodin addiction, patients will have access to guidance from program staff who can help them determine what the next steps should be. Provided with the knowledge of all of the available options for continued support, patients can start receiving care right after successfully finishing detox and without suffering a lag in their treatment that can potentially lead to relapse.

While it can feel isolating, an addiction to Vicodin is something that numerous individuals have experienced and defeated. With comprehensive treatment and rehab that includes detox, the women and men who want to rid their lives of substances of abuse can obtain the vibrant, well-balanced lives they deserve. To learn more about the many ways in which Cove Forge, located in Williamsburg, Pennsylvania, can help you or someone you love reach your recovery goals and/or obtain information on our supervised detox services, we hope that you will reach out to us right now.

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